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Tree bed rehab

posted Apr 19, 2015, 4:45 PM by David Stuart
A hard-working crew of block association volunteers got into the swing of spring today by rehab-ing the large tree bed in front of 330 W 45th St. The tree has been slowly dying off the past few years, and nothing much grows in the soil.

So what's involved in a tree bed rehab? Shoveling down two feet into the soil (while being careful not to cut tree roots!), sifting out rocks, removing 6 garbage bags full of exhausted/compacted soil and replacing with high-grade compost and potting soil. Hopefully the tree recovers and plants will now thrive in that bed.

We're getting ready for next Sunday's (4/26/15) spring planting. Come join us! Meet at noon in front of 330 W 45th St.