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Thanks NYC Parks Dept!

posted Oct 1, 2015, 9:22 AM by David Stuart
This spring/summer the NYC Parks Dept showed some love to our block. In May they surveyed and pruned our trees, removing dead branches and plastic bags stuck in trees up and down the block. Then last week they returned to cut down two trees that had died--a honey locust in front of 330 W and one of the two beautiful zelcovas in front of 305W. We called these zelcovas the "King" and "Queen" of the block because they were two of the most beautiful street trees anywhere in NYC. Both trees have been dying, we think because the ConEdison dig three years ago disturbed and cut their roots (Parks Dept confirms that many trees die after such digs). The Queen is dead, long live the King! (but he's in bad shape too). We will work with the Parks Dept to get some new trees planted in those spots--stay tuned!