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Annual Report - 2013

posted Dec 23, 2013, 11:34 PM by David Stuart
Dear friends and neighbors on W45th St.,

It's been a busy and results-filled year on the block. The biggest project was enlarging fourteen (14) tree beds--we worked with ConEd to open up the sidewalks to have more green space and replaced 5,000 pounds of rock and sand with 5,000 pounds of high grade top soil, installed brand new tree guards, and replanted those beds with flowers and perennials. David, Tim, Susan and Hansel together put in more than 200 hours of time and labor on that project, with help from several others who came out to volunteer. We also did an Aladdin homeless shelter site inspection/visit and conducted regular quarterly meetings with the Aladdin landlord, Dept of Homeless Services, police and elected officials. By holding feet to the fire we helped improve conditions inside and outside the shelter. We successfully advocated with our police precinct to put a stop to the growing problem of commuter buses and jitneys laying over on our block. We worked with two new bars/businesses on the block to set expectations and develop positive relations--both have shown themselves to be good neighbors and responsible business owners/members of our community. The last month of the year is always a busy one for us and we'd like to thank the following for all they've done to help spread holiday cheer around the neighborhood these past few weeks:

*Sally and Susan--delivery of 2 holiday wreaths to Aladdin homeless shelter
*Tim--delivery of holiday gifts (clementines) to people (mostly supers and janitors) who have worked hard this year to keep the block clean and safe
*Susan, David and Tim--cleaning up tree beds (x2); laying christmas tree boughs in tree beds to protect the soil and beautify the block (a big job especially after we enlarged so many tree beds)
*The Members of the W 45th St. Block Association--$250 donation to Midtown North Police Community Council for awards banquet honoring cops of the month/year
*The Members of the W 45th St. Block Association--$250 donation to St. Luke's Soup Kitchen on W 46th St (restaurant row)

We can always use help and welcome your ideas and input so please send us an email if you'd like to work on any block or neighborhood projects in 2013.

We wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe holiday season!