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Aladdin--Dangerous Property Condition

posted Jul 8, 2012, 9:03 PM by David Stuart   [ updated Jul 16, 2012, 12:54 AM ]

On Friday, July 6, 2012 at around 8 pm a large fan was either dropped or thrown from a high floor of the Aladdin homeless shelter (the Aladdin is a nine-story tall building), crashing to the sidewalk below. The W 45th St. Block Association received separate, corroborating reports of this incident from a doorman at 305 W (next door to the Aladdin), a security guard at Private Eyes (across the street from the Aladdin) and from two Aladdin residents. The sidewalk is well-trafficked on Friday evenings in the summer and it is extremely fortunate that no one was injured (or killed) in this latest incident.

This follows reports of full cans of soda (potentially deadly) and bags of urine (disgusting but not deadly) being dropped or thrown from open Aladdin windows to the sidewalk below. One of the patrol cops on our block complained last year of "airmail" from the Aladdin--objects being thrown from open windows of the Aladdin (cops seem to present an attractive target). We have also heard reports that an elderly female neighbor who was out walking her dog was hit by a bag of urine thrown form the Aladdin.

Long-term residents of this block will never forget the day when virtually the entire contents of an apartment--including table, chairs, microwave and refrigerator--were thrown out a top-floor window of this same building, hitting the sidewalk below with such force that it sounded like a bomb had gone off.

We believe the history of objects, including large/heavy objects, being dropped or thrown from the open windows of 317 W 45th St. to the public sidewalk below is a DANGEROUS PROPERTY CONDITION that poses a substantial, ongoing risk of injury or death to persons using the sidewalk with due care in a reasonably foreseeable manner. We believe the DANGEROUS PROPERTY CONDITION has been created by a) the absence of adequate safety features at the Aladdin, b) the lack of adequate security and supervision at the Aladdin, and c) negligent or criminal conduct by persons on or about the Aladdin property.

This blog post (which is being sent to the Aladdin landlord, Housing Solutions USA, DHS, NYPD, Christine Quinn and other elected officials) constitutes notice to those individuals and entities (whether private or public) having ownership or control of the premises of the DANGEROUS PROPERTY CONDITION and as such establishes a further basis for holding such individuals and entities civilly liable in the event that someone is injured or killed by an object dropped or thrown from the open windows of the Aladdin.

We hope that by raising this red flag, those persons or entities having ownership or control of the premises will take immediate action to remedy the DANGEROUS PROPERTY CONDITION.