Get Involved

Our block association is made up of people like you -- friends and neighbors living on West 45th who are interested in building our community, getting to know our neighbors and improving our neighborhood. We're an active, engaged and inclusive group, and we'd love to meet you! Getting involved can be as simple as turning out for a soiree, watering a tree, helping organize a specific event or activity, or working on an issue you are passionate about. 

But be warned. Bringing positive change to your community is empowering and addictive. It's also a lot of fun. Join us and find out. Everyone is welcome!


Ever wonder who those folks are in the green shirts who keep the tree beds looking so nice? They're the West 45th Street Citizen Gardeners! They're also your neighbors and they'd love to have your help.
Have a green thumb or want to get one? Check the calendar, grab some gloves and lets get mulching!
For more info contact:

Susan Goodman
Gardening Committee Organizer

Everyone who helps not only gets a green thumb, they get a green Citizen Gardener T-shirt FREE!
Safety & Community Affairs

A big part of any block association is helping our neighbors. If you have a concern or problem, reach out to us and we'll work with you to solve it. We've listed some of our past accomplishments on the site. Here are some other suggestions on what you can do to help:

Call 311 to report a problem--and follow up! Get and save your incident #.

Get to know the cops on our block, or attend a monthly community police precinct meeting to report problems or learn about crime in our neighborhood.

Attend Community Board 4 committee meetings to voice public opinion on liquor licenses, noise issues, traffic issues, quality of life, etc.

Attend a Community Action Board meeting on the Aladdin homeless shelter.

Work with other community groups or elected officials on issues and problems that affect all of us: buses, bikes, traffic & pedestrian issues, air quality, etc. See our Links page for more info.

Whatever your interests, whatever your schedule, working together we can make a difference!
Social Events

Whether it's an informal get together for dinner or drinks after gardening or a block meeting, or a planned event with other neighborhood groups, we like to be social and have fun! Here are some of the annual events in our neighborhood:

* Winter Gathering at Landmark Tavern (January)
* Spring Social on the pier (May) 
* Summer film nights (June-Oct)
* Children's programs in the parks (Spring/Summer)
* Youth Basketball tournament (Summer)
* Halloween party for kids (October)
* Christmas/Holiday party (December)

Check our calendar for more info and come join in!