We're all about getting things done. Here's some of what we've accomplished over the years.

Block Beautification

* Designed and installed new signs for tree beds
* Planted trees on block
* Enlarged treebeds and installed new tree guards
* Planted perennials and flowers in all tree beds
* Applied cedar mulch and evergreen boughs to tree beds in winter 
* Commissioned soil study, removed bad soil and added vermicompost
* Regular clean-up of trash in tree pits
* Removed plastic bags caught in tree branches
* Removed abandoned bicycle frames and locks from poles and tree guards
* Eliminated rat infestation in tree bed
* Painted over graffiti
* Worked with Hirschfeld Theatre to clean-up program inserts on sidewalk
* Obtained additional trashcans on the block from Times Sq. Alliance
* Chased illegally parked buses from the block

Safety and Community Affairs

* Worked with DOT to reduce bus parking on our block
* Pushed drug dealers and prostitution off the block
Aladdin homeless shelter: through regular Community Action Board meetings we have improved conditions for residents and reduced impact on the block. Accomplishments include: opening lobby with A/C and chairs for residents' use, installing fans in residents' rooms, cleanup of Triton Gallery back patio, much-needed facility repairs, reduced loitering, reduced litter, reduced incidence of dangerous objects being thrown to street.
* Closed illegal strip club operating at Sweet Carolines, by working with CB4 and Midtown South precinct vice squad
* Reduced impact of film shoots by communicating concerns to film companies and Mayor's Office of Film.
* Annual holiday gifts to supers and janitors on the block as a "thank you" for keeping the block clean
* Annual donation of Christmas wreaths to Aladdin homeless shelter
* Co-sponsor of community socials, holiday party
* Air quality: after 2-year fight, forced slumlord on neighboring block to clean a polluting boiler (Thanks Senator Duane and Pix-11 News!)
* Restaurant Row redesign: worked with Times Square Alliance and community groups to kill misguided redesign plans
* Filled sink hole in middle of the street to eliminate noise from banging trucks